• PREFINISHED PARQUETS in solid first quality bamboo; suitable for routine usage and for use alongside under floor heating;
  • COST: those who install Pavibamboo parquets can save up to 50% without sacrificing the quality of genuine solid wooden flooring;
  • AESTHETICS: once installed, the bamboo flooring will even provide enthusiasm with its beauty and elegance;
  • RESISTANCE: bamboo in itself is a hugely durable and resistant material; also, as a result of the special Swedish ecological BONA COMMERCIAL UV SYSTEM coating, Pavibamboo floor coatings are able to withstand a large amount of stomping in public places;
  • PAVIBAMBOO is the holder of a  CE certification (conformity with European standards) and an FSC accreditation (for its responsible use of forest resources);
  • QUALITY´: : the production stems from one of the few Chinese factories able to produce bamboo flooring according to the highest level quality standards, using cutting-edge equipment and proven experience, member of the American NWFA (National Wood Flooring Association), whilst also in possession of CE certification ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004, and subsequent holder of an FSC accreditation; the raw material is selected from those which have matured for longest, the production line is carried out using German, Dutch, and Taiwanese tools, while the adhesives and finishes are a result of the most ecological brands from across the world (the Dutch Akzo Nobel and the Finnish Dynea, and the Swedish Bona type finish); quality control is also implemented on a personal scale, often during the processing phase, always right before the material is dispatched;
  • ECO-SUSTAINABILITY´: whoever lays the bamboo parquet flooring inside a home is aware that it is a resource which can reproduce itself over a short period of time;
  • PROMPT DELIVERY throughout Europe from our warehouse (Pre-finished bamboo plank parquets measuring 96 x 9.6 x 1.5 cm or 92 x 9.2 x 1 cm).

Small and large scale direct sales to private merchants, retailers, construction companies, architects flooring specialists, contractors

Import of full containers for large scale projects

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PAVIBAMBOO ® is a registered trademark of Lope Trading, Via Sisto IV 1, 10023 Chieri, TURIN - ITALY DTI ref. TO-1085232 Company Reg. No. PRCLNZ76B01L219M VAT Reg. no. IT09831760013. Online imports and sales of pre-finished bamboo parquet flooring at certified prices - 50% lower than hardwood floors.
Prompt delivery from the warehouse to the whole of Europe (4-5 days delivery via courier to Paris, London, Berlin, Barcelona, München, Frankfurt, Bucuresti, Warszawa, Hamburg, Madrid, Praha, Bruxelles, Budapest, Lyon, Wien, Amsterdam, Lille, Marseille, Köln, Kraków)